Wednesday, January 11, 2012

new you?

or perhaps not a new you but a better you?

new year's resolutions are notorious for starting off with a bang and ending a short time later with just a little fizzle...

i struggle myself with "committing" to take time for myself - to eat better, exercise more, get enough sleep, etc., etc,....and to be honest there are times when i feel like a down right hypocrite for not practicing what i preach.  why is it so hard?  especially when that something that takes so little time and makes me feel so good?  UGH!

what i have discovered is that i do much better when i attempt to commit alongside others...accountability partners if you will.  i have found one of the best people to hold you accountable to yourself and to health is kokomo's own, missy sutton.  missy is a ISSA certified personal trainer, TRX trainer, zumba, zumba gold, zumba toning, and cardio kickboxing instructor.  she recently opened her own fitness studio & you can check her out here!

i am all about what missy stands for...women owned business owners, women supporting and encouraging one another (but don't be misunderstood - she has several men as clients and operates her business with her partner in life, hubby, ted!), empowerment, loving yourself, loving and nurturing your body.  i was thrilled to photograph some of her classes and her new studio...

i was even more excited to photograph one of my best friends for missy because she is one of her committed and successful clients. alison has been my friend since way back - like middle school and we were lucky enough to go to college and graduate school together. now, the two of us are living happily ever after as clinical social workers!  she is stunning, beautiful, and strong...inside & out. love ya girl!

so, i guess the moral of the story is get a friend or two, check out missy's fitness OR check it out on your own and meet new friends, or accountability partners as i like to call them.  it is worth the investment...YOU are worth the investment.

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