Wednesday, August 31, 2011

change is gonna come...

one thing for certain and two things for sure - change is inevitable, but boy do we resist it! change involves 3 things:

  • a dissatisfaction with self
  • a decision to change
  • and a conscious decision & dedication to the process of growth and change...doing something

some express loneliness, despair, frustration, and loss of hope...finding reasons outside themselves for unhappiness whether it's politics, education, work, or other people.

you ever feel helpless in a hopeless situation? more intent upon looking for gloom and more willing to accept negative rather than positive? more prepared to doubt than to trust? continually living with dread for the future and disillusionment about the past? never seeing yourself as a source of this unhappiness?

you are human - the only living creature with sufficient will and intelligence to CHOOSE happiness & sadly, often choosing despair.  never questioning the doom and gloom in the world - just accepting it and never as ready to accept that life also offers unlimited potential for bliss and opportunities for joy.

the most sad are those dissatisfied with themselves, who blame others, and find comfort in their self created hopelessness - relieved of all personal responsibility.

we have to trust that we are all capable of change - "a free man is free even in the darkest prison." once you believe in the ability to change, a decision to change must follow.  one can know that something or someone is bad, hurtful, and counterintuitive to happiness, yet still pursue it relentlessly.  decision implies action to change.

lastly, change involves relearning.  all learning involves the process of relearning - "searching, finding, analyzing, evaluating, experiencing, accepting, rejecting, practice, and reinforcement" - one must be constantly "alert, watchful, patient, observant, trusting, open-minded, and not easily discouraged."

our potential for change is infinite - take advantage of it and remember through your dissatisfaction, will, and effort, a change is gonna come...
peace & bliss,

(adapted from leo buscaglia's love)

what will you will to change today?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

letting go...

such an easy concept...forgiveness + letting go = freedom

i think the only way to really learn forgiveness is to be betrayed - intellectually it makes sense, this concept of forgiveness, but it is sometimes difficult to actually feel let it go.  it is the age old disconnect between the heart and the mind. growth demands hurtful experiences in life because you are provided opportunities to practice love, feel grateful for the lesson, and move forward.

i have had my fair share of life lessons.  i've let people take advantage of me, and i have accepted way less than what i deserve. i struggle...a lot.  some of my struggles involve making choices, some are a result of the the choices i have made, and some result from the choices others make that affect my life.  i can't always control everything in my life, but i can control how i respond - i can control what i choose to hold on to and what i choose to let go.

forgiveness is liberating.  i have learned to forgive myself by learning to forgive others.  i can own all my junk and i am thankful for every problem, pressure, pain, temptation, trial, and tribulation because they were necessary in the development of me. i realize everyone else has their fair share of junk too.

i live, i learn, i love, and i let go...
peace & bliss,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"wild out" wednesday

crass but true...

um, yea...what he said. i think wednesdays may become my day to step outside my positive politically correct body & get in touch with my inner cynic.  happy hump day :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

note to self...

note to self...daily

if this doesn't put time into perspective for you, i don't know what will.  kind of sad to me that it takes a metaphor about money to realize how precious each and every new day's fooey i tell you!anyhow,  i'm ready to make the most of today.
peace & bliss, 

Monday, August 15, 2011

oh happy monday...

life is hard...keep going anyway 
yes - monday.  new day, new beginnings.  the perpetual belief that magic can happen if i start whatever  my heart and mind are set on. intentions become realities...oh happy monday! what magic will you make happen today?
peace & bliss,