Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"love the skin i'm in"

"i am so beautiful, sometimes people weep when they see me.  and it has nothing to do with what i look like really, it is just that i gave myself the power to say that i am beautiful, and if i could do that, maybe there is hope for them too.  and the great divide between the beautiful and the ugly will cease to be - because we are all what we choose." ~ margaret cho

love, love, love this photo...

i have said it before...ALL women are beautiful and deserve to see themselves as such.  i have said how i believe the "love the skin i'm in" photo shoot experience empowers women to see that beauty and uniqueness through the camera lens, and as a result FEEL beautiful. 

i could go on & on, but i'd rather share thoughts from lovely ladies who "love the skin they're in..." 
"being a confident woman in my own skin, i have always wanted to do professional vanity shots.  a fan of vintage photos, i chose to use my photo shoot to recreate old hollywood...i felt the vintage style imagery of black and white would be perfect for the glamorous images i wanted to portray.  most importantly, i wanted to celebrate my own physique, as well was express my own personality and imagination.  i can't say enough about amy's professionalism or her quaint, cozy studio.  she and her assistant did an amazing job making me feel completely natural & totally uninhibited.  we experimented with different poses & after each pose she would allow me to look at my art through the lens.  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! i have always felt a sense of empowerment that comes from being a mom and giving birth to my children.  yet, at the moment i saw my artwork come alive in the lens, i felt a different type of empowerment as a woman.  my poses are sultry, seductive, yet classy & glamorous.  i ENCOURAGE every woman to do this at least one time in their life. amy welcomes your input & allows you to express yourself while still managing to put her professional, artistic talent to work.  ladies, be as sexy as you want.  go nude; wear your lingerie, robe or satin sheet.  whatever you choose, be CONFIDENT in who you are & in your own skin. i truly believe there is nothing more SEXY about a woman & to her partner than CONFIDENCE. LADIES LOVE YOURSELF, YOUR BODY, and what GOD has blessed you with. LOVE yourself first so SOMEONE ELSE CAN. with that said, STEP OUT OF THE BOX my PHENOMENAL WOMEN...BE BOLD! BE BEAUTIFUL!"
"ladies, i hope that you can let amy capture your inner beauty by having a 'love the skin i'm in' photo shoot with her.  i did to celebrate my 49th year - the year i found my inner beauty...i loved all my photos and still when i look at the photos, i can't believe that it's me.  WOW, she found me!  someone found a way to put in a photo the way i felt on the inside.  thanks amy!  you helped me find me." 
"i walked into the photo shoot with every intention of NOT taking photos because i felt my body was not what the world thinks of as sexy...but after so much encouragement on behalf of some of the girls that were at the pic party and the great photographer, i jumped right in and was actually the first lady to go! to my surprise, it was an awesome experience.  i started out nervous, but amy made me feel so comfortable - not only with her, but also with myself! i finally got so relaxed that by the time we finished, i felt like i was a plus size model! i was so pleased with my photo shoot, that i didn't mind amy using any of my photos as encouragement to others who may have felt like i did.  so i say all this to say...no matter the size or shape, I AM BEAUTIFUL inside and out! if you have any doubts, try a 'love the skin i'm in' shoot and i promise you will become a better you.  thank you amy!  you are the greatest!"

every woman i meet and every "love the skin i'm in" shoot really restores my belief that there is a wonderful sisterhood & collective strength that both liberates and unites all women - no matter our size, shape, age, experiences or otherwise...thank you ladies! 
peace & bliss, 


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