Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wherever you go, there you are...

"wherever you go, there you are...but your luggage is another story."

honestly, none of us enjoy dealing with things that make us feel uncomfortable - seems much easier to avoid or deflect from the real issues so that we don't have to deal with it.  i admit, i have been a superstar "avoider" in my life.  unfortunately, those "things" avoided don't disappear - they just get swept under the rug and eventually that lump grows until i can't ignore or avoid it any longer.  no matter how hard i try, i always trip on that lump!

avoidance is not a positive coping skill for life.  in fact, it is pretty bad. you may think that you are changing circumstances and situations, but it is all just a facade.  unless you commit to facing whatever "lumps" you are avoiding & change yourself, you will inevitably continue to deal with  & trip on the same old stuff.

this is not easy.  typically, we resist what we want and need most - after not having it for so long (or avoiding it for so long), our brain associates that "stuff" with pain.  when it does show up, it may scare you or even piss you off - so you avoid & disassociate. we are drawn to the familiar no matter how desperately we want different...

today is the day to stop trying to avoid your "stuff" - time to spring clean and sweep out that lump under your rug that keeps tripping you up.  unpack that "luggage" - open yourself up to the possibilities because wherever you go, there YOU are!
peace & bliss,

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