Monday, November 28, 2011

music therapy

i've said it before and i'll say it again - music is therapeutic.  music has the power to change your mood, spark your motivation, or trigger a fond memory from your past.

there are days when i can't remember to pick up my child or pay a bill that is due, but darn it, i can remember every single word from a song i haven't heard since 1985 and sing along.  i may even have a story that accompanies the a matter of fact, i drive my sister and kids crazy with my incessant urge to sing the songs we hear in the same ugly monotoned singing voice no matter the seems i know them all - rock n' roll, alternative, pop, rap, r & b, new, old, everything in between...and i guess a lil' bit of country too!

as a result, my two loves became one & created a love child. a project that involved taking some of my favorite photos and pairing them with some of my favorite song lyrics...wonder if you can guess the song & the artist...enjoy!

peace & bliss,

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