Monday, November 21, 2011

"love the skin i'm in"!

 had a blast saturday at bliss studio! we hosted a "love the skin i'm in" picture party with a fun group of sassy sister friends - here are a few pics the ladies allowed me permission to share...

what is the "love the skin i'm in" pic party about you ask?

bliss studio believes all women should feel beautiful in their own skin, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so through the camera lens. Most women have not had the chance to see themselves in this way, but this  empowering experience allows a woman to see a glimpse of how God sees her — magnificent and exceptionally unique – just as she is.  This artwork makes a perfect gift for lovers, but it is also a gift to yourself. Be prepared to feel the power in the collective strength of a group of strong women - no matter what age, size,or life experience. i promise each sister friend will move to some level of liberation in her own way...
Things you will need for a successful party:
v An open heart
v Self Love
v A willingness to be bold, be beautiful, be you!
Tips & Warnings:
v Go overboard with fun and self-love
v If you hear voices in your head that serve to sabotage your right to feel beautiful in your own skin, MUTE them!!

if this sparks your curiosity, contact bliss studio for more information!
peace & bliss,