Tuesday, October 11, 2011

catching up...(again)

"i'm a great believer in luck & i find the harder i work, the more i have of it." ~ abe lincoln

i was so certain that once i went from 3 jobs to 2, life would award me with time - instead, life has awarded me with opportunities & blessings.  i do feel lucky.  i love being able to travel, try new business ventures, and i especially love the people i have spent time with along the way...nonetheless, i am slacking on this blog thing.  so, here are a few collages of photographs along the way - i will spend a little more time catching up & sharing more very soon.  
peace & bliss,
1st bdays, senior pics, cute kids, white party, & promo pics

puppy love, family pics, & art show with mom's famous dammit dolls 
love, love, love - family, engagement, & wedding pics

love again - family, engagement, & more cute kids

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  1. Thank you for doing an amazing job with our wedding photos!