Thursday, September 8, 2011

what's your song?

i loved me some ally mcbeal & i especially love this clip with her unconventional therapist.

inspired by this concept, i've actually encouraged many students and clients to find their song - you know, a song for those do or die moments in life when you are running low on confidence, energy, or that knock 'em dead spirit.  we all have at least one song that lifts our spirit & motivates us to face life's challenges.  it is not your "favorite song" or the most "popular song" on your current playlist - it is a song that helps you recapture a moment in time when you felt unstoppable, like a million bucks. it may make you feel like dancing, it may make you feel like crying, it may make you feel like SOMEONE out there understands you...
it is a song that sings to you.

my theme song for today...thank you james brown

peace & bliss, 

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