Saturday, July 9, 2011

the truth...

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the truth is... i have a hard time speaking the truth sometimes.  the last thing i want to do is say something that might hurt your feelings so instead, i keep it inside and hurt myself.  the truth is...nothing you say is as hurtful as the things i say to myself.  the truth is...i would give my right arm for you, take a bullet for you, step in front of moving train for you.  the truth heart hurts because i love you and value your opinion.  the truth and i are different, but that doesn't make one wrong or one right.   the truth thoughts & feelings don't matter because you can justify everything you say and make no apologies for how you say it.  the truth is...i can't change anything, but i would still give my right arm for you, take a bullet for you, step in front of a moving train for you.  

the truth is...the truth is worth speaking even when your voice shakes.

searching for some peace & bliss today, 


  1. First off..for those of us who know you and your heart know for one you are HUMAN, and for two you are BEAUTIFUL inside and OUT! I know it cuts deep when the ones we love hurt us so, but don't let negative nancy's bring your day down, or for that matter STEAL ur bliss!!! Maybe someone should title their blog, Stealing others BLISS. I mean at this point, BLISS is such a powerful word and all. :) Just remain true to yourself, and all you know and do! U r a wonderful friend, person, and most importantly MOTHER!!!! U are successful and intelligent, and highly respected. I am honored to know you, and learn A LOT from you. Anyone that wants to hurt you just because, will never be respected in my book! U keep believing and living your dreams, and let those negative nancy's worry about their own insecurities! MUAH*

  2. Hi Amy! I really love your concept here! Question-I your essay prose/ poetry, or a journal-like entry?
    Stay peace AND Creative!!

  3. umm...i don't know. if i had to label it, it would just be a freestyle journal - no formalities. but thank you on the compliment :)

    and lacey dee...i'm back!