Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i get a lot of slack for lugging my camera around everywhere i go - if i don't feel like taking my big camera, i at least try and keep a little point and shoot handy.  i know it can be annoying to those around me to be photographed all the time or to have to wait on me while i snap a few pictures of something that caught my eye...BUT i cannot explain the innate need to photograph the world around me.  there are no words to describe the profound emotion i feel when i look back at pictures...photographs are visual footprints - they remind me where i've been, the people i have loved along the way, and inspire direction into the future.

photographs capture moments...memories that last well beyond the images in them. the end, i will take the slack.  it is totally worth it :)

here are just a few pics from recent shoots...


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