Monday, February 6, 2012

more "love the skin i'm in"...

"by plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower." ~rabindrath tagore
and yes, that is me in the middle - checking lighting, experimenting with poses...always a good time!

i love, love, love doing "love the skin i'm in" sessions! yes, the lady's photos are beautiful but what is most satisfying is seeing a woman walk with her head high & a lil' more pep in her step after her photo shoot because she has captured all the awesomeness about herself - from her sense of humor or confidence to her bright eyes or jaw dropping curves.  

comfort is overrated.  the more anxious the better...why?  because going out of the norm, out of your "comfort zone" is exciting & once you push through that nervousness or fear, the result is amazing!  i get nervous before each session too...a friend once told me that my anxiety is ok..."good" even because it just means i care about what i am doing and that is so true. i put a lot of thought into each individual and preparation for each session.  hopefully, that "feeling" will spill over to life's other challenges for all of us...just think of all the possibilities.

kudos to all women "lovin' the skin they're in..." 
peace & bliss, 


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